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Nanny Sharing is where the one nanny works for two or more families. If you want, or need, a more flexible arrangement than what childcare centres can offer, then a shared Nanny may be the solution for you.

Using a shared nanny means you can build in flexibility from the beginning. You have the flexibility of arranging pickups and drop-offs of your children or at least changing your schedule if you need to (providing your nanny agrees).

Sharing a Nanny is a happy medium between nanny care and a childcare centre. The variation on a typical nanny care arrangement is that the nanny travels each day to one household or alternates between residences if the families take turns hosting the children.

Your Child can spend their days in a familiar home environment and can enjoy the benefits of professional in-home child care at a much lower cost than employing nannies by themselves. It costs less than placing children in busy day-care centre is that often have ratios of too many children per carer. This option is ideal for Before or After School Care with similar aged children at home together where the nanny can assist with the homework and routine of the night.

If you have a friend or know someone who has a nanny, why not look at Sharing a Nanny!


  • Share with a family that lives close to you so you avoid long travel time.
  • Discuss the type of nanny you both want that is ideal for your families.
  • Consider what will be needed for the home e.g. an extra high chair, sleeping arrangements and equipment required for the extra children in each others home.
  • Interview the Nanny together in order to make a successful match as both families need to make a joint decision on the selection of the perfect Nanny.
  • Determine who is going to take responsibility for the Nannies payment, either separately or does one family pay the other.
  • Communication is the key to a successful Share A Nanny Placement. A Communication Diary should be used one for each family for you to add to and take home with you to read.

Finding the Perfect Nanny for Your Family in your Home

We need to know what you expect your nanny to be like in terms of experience, age, qualification and very importantly, personality. To ensure a good working relationship it is crucial to find a nanny who has similar ideas, values and beliefs as you and your family.

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