Essential Nanny Training Course

What Next?

SCN will evaluate your submission and you must receive 75% or higher to pass the exam. Nannies will receive a certificate via email and will be considered an SCN Credentialed Nanny.

The final stage of your application is attending our Induction Meeting where we are required to go through several sections personally in our Nanny and Babysitter Handbook. There are certain responsibilities and guidelines that you have to follow now you are a valuable member of our team. It is important that we have these standards and requirements in place as a “community minded” service in an unregulated industry.

The Nanny and Babysitting Handbook is our internal training and part of our Safe Work Australia Guidelines and Insurance Policies that are in place to help create a safer environment for the nannies and children in their care.

We can do this over the phone and this process will involve having the handbook open on your end on either a computer or another device and going through the sections that are needed. This will take ½ hour.

We anticipate that your education and experience in Child Care will help us tremendously in continuing to provide peace of mind to the families of the local community and visitors to the area using the services of South Coast Nannies.

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