Event Services

South Coast Nannies offers on-site Professional Child Care Services for all Events big and small. Whether you are organising a Business Conference, ongoing Company Meetings or Celebratory Events, we provide the appropriate and necessary numbers of Event Nannies who are experienced in Corporate Event Care.

We facilitate quality care for children during Conventions, Expos, Business Functions and Conferences- ideal for Businesses who invite the participant’s Families’ along for the Event. When developing and networking our relationships with other Venues, we are able to provide Families with Children the opportunity to attend an event with Child Care facilities.

South Coast Nannies can provide an Activity Room/Area during the Event. Our Event Nannies keep the children supervised, entertained and engaged in play while their Parents participate and experience the Event.

Every event is unique, we personalise the service to suit individual needs on the day and the  expectations of the childrens involvement in the day. What you need will depend on how many children are attending, their ages as well as the activities you want provided and the level of care you require. Once we gather a few details from you we can provide you with a personalised estimate to cater for all your needs.


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    The Number of Nannies are dependant on the number of children under the age of 4-years, as stated on enquiry. Carers are safely matched to the number of children and the ratios are a combination of Legislative Standards and our experience of providing Quality Care.
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