Mandatory Reporting

Mandatory Child Protection Training 2019

Training must be completed by all South Coast Nannies by the 31st of July and then every January 2020 to cover updated information.

The aim of the course is to increase knowledge of all staff about:

  • responding to risk of harm concerns including making an effective report
  • their responsibilities under the reportable conduct scheme, to bring to the principal any allegations of reportable conduct in relation to colleagues.

This self-paced online training course builds on the Mandatory Child Protection Training 2018, by providing detailed information about responding to child protection concerns, and following these up – including making a report to FACS Helpline or contacting the Department’s Child Wellbeing Unit. This contributes to all students being known, valued and cared for. 

It also clarifies staff obligations under the reportable conduct scheme in NSW to ensure appropriate, caring and supportive relationships between Nannies and children. Choose from scenarios developed for primary school settings and scenarios for other school staff.

This can be accessed on MyPL and completed within 1/2 hour. 


Skills and understandings developed include:

  • recognising indicators when a child might be at risk of harm
  • how to collate information about concerns
  • organisational requirements in responding to concerns about the safety or wellbeing of children
  • the mandatory obligation to report suspected risk of significant harm to FACS
  • practice in the procedures for reporting, including administrative requirements
  • the new legal requirement to report to police unless there is a reasonable excuse
  • meeting requirements of professional and ethical conduct
  • reporting allegations of staff conduct which is reportable (physical assault, psychological harm, ill-treatment, neglect, sexual misconduct and sexual offences) to the principal.

Registration Process

Step 1: Navigate to
You will need to firstly obtain a User Name and Password to access the online module through to MyPL (My Professional Learning).

Step 2: Click the Register link.

Step 3: Enter in the relevant information for each field presented. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Step 4: Enter a valid email address. This will become your User Name and is used in the next step to validate your account.

Step 5: Click the link in the email which has been sent to the address specified in the previous step.

All Nannies must have participated in a child protection awareness training and an annual update (during the past 12 months).

All staff need to:


ChildStory Reporter

ChildStory Reporter is an online tool that supports mandatory reporters to decide how to respond to events and access the Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG), if needed.

Reporter guides you through the reporting process, suggesting appropriate actions and linking you to more resources.

You can also view your report history to check status, outcomes and updates.

Who uses ChildStory Reporter?

ChildStory Reporter is used by mandatory reporters, e.g. teachers, nurses, doctors

How can I access ChildStory Reporter?

If you are a mandatory reporter, you can register to access ChildStory Reporter.

Where can I find more information?

Visit the ChildStory Reporter website for more information.