In Home Care

A Nanny is someone who cares for your child/ren within your family home. Nannies may live in or out, depending on your family’s needs. South Coast Nannies caters for short to long term Nanny placements, full-time and part-time care.

Your Nanny should undertake all tasks involved in the care of your child/ren. These tasks include the sole care of the child/ren and any domestic duties involved regarding their health and well being.

Light domestic duties may be negotiated and included in the Nanny’s duties as long as they do not conflict with their primary responsibility of caring for your child/ren.


The benefits of our Nanny Services are numerous:

  • One-on-one interactions gives your child a much more individualised and personal level of care than that typically experienced in a child care centres with the current ratios.
  • By providing child care in their own home, children experience a much lower level of the disruption caused by parents needing to go to work, etc. Children are more likely to feel more secure in their own environment.
  • You don’t have to worry about getting children to and from Child Care within a specified time frame, creating a more relaxed day at home.
  • Less worry when your child is ill as they are still able to be cared for in their home.
  • Having the opportunity for your child to experience stimulating outings such as going to the park, visiting the zoo and other favourite activities on a daily basis.

Nanny duties include:

  • Ensuring that the environment your child/ren play in, is free from harm and is safe and secure.
  • Providing stimulating and educational play, crafts and other activities.
  • Preparing nutritious meals.
  • Following set routines such as meals and sleep requirements.
  • Attending extra curricular activities such as Playgroups in the area or trips to the park etc.
  • Tidying the child/ren’s rooms and any other areas designated for meals or play.
  • Providing a positive role model by acting in a mature, sensible and professional manner.
  • Ensuring their personal knowledge and training is kept up to date, e.g. First Aid and Professional Development.

Our Process when engaging a Nanny

The Important Details

When engaging a Nanny into your family, you need to comply with the Australian Taxation Office and Fair Work and SafeWork.

Your obligations when engaging a Nanny

Employing a Nanny for your family means that there are some obligations that need to be met to protect you and the family and our Nanny.

South Coast Nannies provides you with the tools that you need to engage a Nanny as an ‘Employee’ or ‘Independant Contractor’.

Comply with the Australian Taxation Office

When engaging a Nanny into your family, you need to comply with the Australian Taxation Office. This is a standard and straight forward process, and in practice is not as difficult as it may seem.

Visit the ATO’s website for more information on reporting your Nannies Income.

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