Module 1: Understanding the Role of a Nanny

Your role as a Nanny is to take responsibility for and undertake complete care for the daily needs of the child or children in your care and provide security and support for the families whilst creating a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children can thrive and develop.

It is crucial that Nannies work in collaboration with families to discuss daily routines, meals, rest/sleep times, behaviour management strategies, outings, device usage, basic housekeeping duties in order to meet the child/ren’s developmental and physical needs. This includes planning daily activities, preparing meals, and helping the children with care routines such as bathing/toileting/brushing teeth/dressing.

Duties of your Role

Your duties are negotiable and vary from job to job with the ages and abilities of the children in your care. Be clear and concise with your expectations and the families’ expectations of your duties whilst maintaining your duty of care for the children at all times (safeguard children against potential dangers and hazards).

Some examples of your Role may include:

  Preparing bottles for babies and care for feeding equipment
  Changing nappies and Bathing children
  Dressing children appropriate to the child’s activities (indoor and outdoor play)
  Washing and ironing children’s clothes
  Planning nutritious meals for children
  Preparing meals and snacks for the children
  Supervising children’s meals
  Cleaning and washing up after children’s meals
  Shopping for children’s requirements

  Scheduling and coordinating children’s activities
  Transporting children to school and other activities
  Undertaking age-appropriate educational and creative activities with the children
  Planning and supervising rest and bedtimes
  Reading to and with the children; assisting with homework
  Tidying children’s bedrooms and play areas
  Implementing daily routines
  Undertaking light housework duties
  Running errands

Dress Standards

South Coast Nannies requires its representatives to dress appropriately for the role which they are undertaking. At all times, you are required to dress in smart/casual clothing.

We ask that you avoid singlet tops, mini-skirts and clothing with tears or rips. Appropriate footwear which has a flat sole and is enclosed must be worn at all times. Long hair must be pulled back off the face and keep jewellery to a minimum.

Dress like a professional and you will be treated as one.

Key Attibutes of a Nanny


  Have the ability to multitask
  Demonstrate emotional maturity and good judgment skills
  Plan and organise daily routines and activities
  Cope with stressful situations and maintain professionalism at all times

Complete Module 1 Exam
Understanding the Role of a Nanny

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