Module 2 Exam

Family Relationships or Working in Partnership with Families

1. Nannies need to establish respectful and caring relationships with children and families(Required)
2. Nannies and families discuss information regarding their personal lives.(Required)
3. Nannies support each child’s background only in relation to child rearing practices and culture.(Required)
4. Open communication with families includes text messages, photos, daily communication and evaluation.(Required)
5. Parents and families know their children best.(Required)
6. When writing an evaluation, Nannies should only include what they believe the parents need to know.(Required)
7. Written agreements/contracts must be established to ensure that the Nanny and Employer understand their roles and responsibilities.(Required)
8. Nannies provide families with support network contacts in relation to the children's well-being and development if required.(Required)
9. Nannies use their knowledge and experience to support families with the routines for the children.(Required)
10. Nannies ensure that children sit on the floor in front of the TV during mealtimes.(Required)
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