Module 3 Exam

Ensure the Health and Safety of Children

1. Nannies provide for the wellbeing and comfort of each child?(Required)
2. Nannies establish the routines for individual children?(Required)
3. Supervision includes all areas of the environment in sight and/or hearing of the Nanny?(Required)
4. Road safety only relates to children in vehicles?(Required)
5. Workplace forms, once filled out, must be kept by the Nanny until the child is 21 years of age?(Required)
6. ‘Duty of Care’ refers to the supervision, care and protection of children from foreseeable risk of injury or harm?(Required)
7. Nannies comply with parent requests only to strap the child/ren’s legs in when in a pram/stroller?(Required)
8. Baby monitors can be used to observe the children’s sleep habits?(Required)
9. If the child sustains any form of head injury, the Nanny must inform the parent immediately?(Required)
10. Panadol and Nurofen medications can be alternated within 3 hours between each dose?(Required)
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