Module 5 Exam

Support and Facilitate Children’s Play and Learning

1. Your role is a Nanny is to create a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children to learn in.(Required)
2. Nannies discuss their private lives with families to establish a rapport.(Required)
3. Your duties are the same for all age groups which you work with.(Required)
4. Your dress standard is smart and casual clothing.(Required)
5. Nannies communicate their personal opinions to families regarding their parenting styles.(Required)
6. Supervision is an essential requirement for every Nanny.(Required)
7. Sandals are considered to be appropriate footwear when engaging with children.(Required)
8. Following the children's routine is important for children to understand their day.(Required)
9. Nannies are not required to administer medication to children.(Required)
10. Should Nannies understand the families’ behaviour management strategies for their children.(Required)
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