Module 5 Support and facilitate children’s play and learning Exam

Support and facilitate children’s play and learning

1. Play involves supporting children's well-being, learning and development.(Required)
2. Are there differences between types of play?(Required)
3. Nannies do not need to engage with children during play?(Required)
4. Play experiences are the same for all age groups.(Required)
5. Behaviour management is guiding a child's behaviour so that they can learn the appropriate way to behave.(Required)
6. Tantrums are most common in school aged children.(Required)
7. Nannies and families discuss establishing guidelines and expectations to ensure positive behaviours with children.(Required)
8. Understanding developmental milestones is essential when planning programs and activities for children.(Required)
9. Play is not required for children's learning and development.(Required)
10. Routines are important for children to understand the different parts of their day in relation to active and restful periods.(Required)

List three experiences for each age group.

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