Module 6 Exam

Contribute to Provision of Nutritionally Balanced Food

1. Babies, children and young people should be provided with nutritionally balanced, safe and hygienically prepared foods.(Required)
2. Children should eat the same amount of food as adults.(Required)
3. Eating only healthy food will ensure that children maintain their correct weight.(Required)
4. Meal planning should incorporate colour, texture, shape and variety to promote positive eating behaviours.(Required)
5. A 6 month old child should be provided with soft meat as part of their daily intake.(Required)
6. Using gloves, tongs and spoons should be used to serve food.(Required)
7. Breastmilk can be heated in the microwave.(Required)
8. Devices should be used to assist children with eating their meals.(Required)
9. If9. Discard any foods which have been served to children and have not been eaten. the child sustains any form of head injury, the Nanny must inform the parent immediately?(Required)
10. Nannies should work in partnership with families to discuss eating, nutrition and daily requirements.(Required)
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