Overnight Care

Are you going away for a weekend, travelling for work or just need a Nanny overnight?

Our “Overnight Care” provides you with the ‘peace of mind” and security of knowing that your children are in safe hands while you are away.

Our experienced Nannies will provide you with the confidence to relax and enjoy time away from your family whenever you require assistance.

Overnight Babysitters will arrive before or after dinner, organise your children’s bedtime routine, then sleep over and tend to your children during the night should they wake.

Parents are encouraged to provide a specific routine with regards to the children’s needs including sleep habits. We believe in providing continuity of care for the children and provide as much information to our Nannies to make every assignment a success.

At night

  • Child’s home bedtime routines
  • Resettling techniques
  • Dinner Time
  • Activities offered
  • Bath time
  • Bedtime story
  • Lights out

Morning routine

  • Get up and dressed
  • Breakfast
  • Bathroom routines
  • Activities offered
  • Handover times
  • School drop off information

The cost of our Overnight Care is calculated at the full Nanny rate whilst the children are awake, and half the Nannies rate whilst the children are asleep, which will be quoted for at the time of your booking.

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