Points of Culture

At South Coast Nannies we have a Vision Statement – Deliver Peace of Mind – which is a summary of the beliefs our business holds. We have our own Points of Culture which is a description of the core values in regard to customer interaction, responsibility to the community and employee satisfaction which are necessary to create a positive corporate culture based on trust, integrity and experience.


We will always speak the truth and we promise we will deliver.


We will create an atmosphere of fun, happiness, enjoyment and challenging environments for children, stimulating each child’s learning and development

We will always be courteous and positive providing a safe, healthy and caring environment.

We will display pride, competence and personal confidence in everything we do and say, and be willing to learn from our mistakes.


Accept that we as an individual are truly responsible for our actions and outcomes and own everything that takes place in our work and our life.

Accept that Carers and Families using our services have a unique opportunity to provide a strong support system to the children that can extend beyond the relationship of just a Carer.


We will always communicate positively and with good purpose, listening to the needs of the individual.

We will foster partnerships with families by trusting and respecting each family’s cultural background and child rearing practices.


We will always treat fellow team members with respect and value the contributions of each team member.

We will focus on co-operation to provide a successful outcome of whatever we are doing and ask for help when we need it and be compassionate to others who ask us.

We will always achieve greater outcomes by working together.


We will always deliver advice and exceptional service that add value to all involved through constant and never ending improvement and innovation.

Our standing in the Industry is to constantly seek opportunities to learn, evolve and improve upon our Role.

Business Ethics

We will continually be recognised as a professional business in the Nanny Industry providing quality in home Child Care for families living in the community and visitors to the area.

We will foster partnerships with local Business Chambers and Tourism Boards.

We are committed to maintaining the high standards set in place for Nannies by going above and requirements for candidates.

We support the Australian Nanny Association and International Nanny Association Code of Ethics


Maintaining a successful Points of Culture requires deliberate nurturing to grow. we share a desire to help nannies achieve their goals, and all of our Nannies are committed to South Coast Nannies Points of Culture.