Before and After School Care

schoolNeed a little care in the mornings or after school?

You may choose to combine the Before and After school care if you wish, the Nanny will come in for both Before and After School to care for your children.

This is great if you have school aged children and you find it difficult to get home on time with an After School care Nanny you will no longer have that feeling in the pit of your stomach wondering if you will make it home on time to pick your child up from school, no more rushing home your children can be fed, bathed and ready for you to walk in the door.

A Before School care Nanny comes in the morning to help prepare the child’s breakfast and helps organise the child in preparation for school, including making lunches, packing school, library and swim bags etc, then usually transports the child to school. Most times they work 3 hours or more if needed.

You may prefer the Nanny to come in for After School pickups only, this is when the Nanny picks your child up from school and helps them with homework or takes them to after school activities, the Nanny will prepare and cook dinner and have your child ready for bed when you came home this can be 3 hours or more.

Finding the Perfect Nanny for Your Family in your Home

We need to know what you expect your nanny to be like in terms of experience, age, qualification and very importantly, personality. To ensure a good working relationship it is crucial to find a nanny who has similar ideas, values and beliefs as you and your family.

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