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For Wedding Nannies please submit the below Weddings and Events outlining the type of services and details we require to provide you with a quotation for our Services. We are flexible and can offer custom made packages to suit your individual needs.

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    Please tell us how you can be contacted and what this estimate is for.
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  • Note: Travel fees may apply depending on location.
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  • Children Attending

    The Number of Nannies are dependant on the number of children under the age of 4-years, as stated on enquiry. Carers are safely matched to the number of children and the ratios are a combination of Legislative Standards and our experience of providing Quality Care.
  • Insert Carer ration to children table or image here.
  • How many Babies Under 12 Months will require care?
  • How many 1 - 2 year olds will require care?
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