Wedding Services

A Wedding is such a special day to share with friends and family, and often this includes babies and young  children. Many couples agonise over the question of whether to invite children to their wedding.

Our Wedding Nannies and their professional experience give the Wedding Couple and adult guests the ‘peace of mind’ to relax and enjoy the occasion, knowing that the children are supervised and are having fun in the care of qualified, experienced, mature, and professional Nannies.

We provide the Wedding Couple with the peaceful freedom to enjoy their day without the potential for disruption which children can create when they are tired or restless. Our professional team of screened and experienced Wedding Nannies ensure that the children are happy and having a just as a good time as the adults!

Keeping children entertained can be difficult at the best of times, and with all the details needed to organise a Wedding it is easy to overlook the younger guests. If you would like the little people in your life to attend your Wedding but have concerns about how you will keep them happy, South Coast Nannies have reputable expertise in Wedding Services.

Children at Weddings Yay or Nay 

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With our extensive experience, we have the insight to tailor a package to suit you and your guests and the individual families needs. Our Nannies can assist with the children at the Ceremony entertaining the children during the Reception and provide supervision whilst your guests enjoy the celebrations.

Wedding Services

Wedding Activity Room

If your venue can accommodate South Coast Nannies can set up an Activity Room for the children.

South Coast Nannies will liaise directly with your Event or Venue Manager, Wedding Coordinator with regard to the play area and set up to ensure it meets our requirements. First and foremost, on our list is safety of the Children and the Nannies.

Please check out our set up for our wedding events on our Indoor Activities Services and Outdoor Activities Services this will provide you with an idea and picture of what we could provide for you and your guests.

South Coast Nannies ensure the children are happy and having a just as a good time as the adults!

Leave it to the Nannies

Outdoor Activities

Most venues in the South Coast have have vast properties and beautiful gardens for children to explore and have fun outside.

Our Outdoor Activities are idea for the children especially during canapes and drinks after the ceremony. Children who need to get their energy out and don’t want to stand around talking children love our games and activities.


Indoor Activities

Our Wedding Nannies will arrive at your location prepared to set-up  developmentally and age appropriate toys for all the children to participate in. We will provide a full range of equipment, and creative activities, keeping them busy.

Depending on the number of children mattresses and fresh linen are provided for sleepy children.

Keeping the Little Ones Happy

Floater Services

Floaters at the Ceremony or Reception assist Parents by providing an extra pair of hands to keep an extra eye on the children or when the Parents meals arrive.

Activity Table

Children’s Activity Table’s can entertain the children with activities when speeches being undertaken and more importantly keep the children entertained happy, quiet and occupied.

The Wedding Nannies ensure that all children receive their correct meals and drinks, supervise dinner, assist with toileting or nappy changes, bottles and, of course ensure that they are all having a great time.

Wedding Couple Family Packages

More and more Families are the Wedding Couple on the day.

We offer Wedding Couple Family Packages as part of our “Wedding and Event Services”.

At the Hotel

Babysitting Services provides individual families with the option to have their children participate in the celebrations whilst having the added benefit of having a Nanny accompany the children back to the Hotel so that they can enjoy the remainder of the Reception child-free.

Families can book a professional Nanny in minutes, we provide Hotel Babysitters, Overnight Nannies and Share-A-Nanny at their Motel or Holiday Accommodation Venue.

Download our Babysitting Brochure   to send to your guests.

Personal Service

Every Wedding is unique!

We personalise our service to suit the individual needs on the day and the Wedding Couples expectations of the children’s involvement in the day. What you require will depend on how many children are attending, their ages, as well as the activities you would like provided and the level of care you require. Once we gather a few details from you, we can provide you with a personalised estimate to cater for all your needs.

The decision to invite children or not to invite children to a wedding is a hotly debated topic with no right or wrong answer. Ultimately it is a personal choice made by the wedding couple.

Here are some helpful tips to allow you to make an informed decision.