Share A Nanny

A great way to get access to all the wonderful things that in-home childcare can provide.

Share a Nanny with a local family and share one of our high quality, experienced nannies at a much more affordable rate. Nanny Share between two families can be a realistic and money-saving option worth considering.

Share a Nanny in your home or at your other families’ home for the same booked days/hours. This arrangement is ideal for similar aged children at home together within a familiar environment.

Families can enjoy the benefits of professional In Home care at a much lower cost than employing a Nanny individually.

In Home Care South Coast Nannies
  • Individualised and age appropriate learning programs within a small group environment.
  • Attention to the child/ren routines and needs.
  • Professional, qualified and experienced educator for your child/ren, providing continuity of care.
  • Complementing your work schedule with flexible child care in your own home.
  • Your Nanny will support the families and undertake all tasks involved in the care of the child/ren.

If you have a friend or know someone who has a Nanny, why not look at Sharing a Nanny!

Our Process when Engaging Nanny

Each family is required to complete our Family Registration Form. By completing this form, South Coast Nannies will gain a greater understanding of the type of person who would work well with and match your family. We will discuss the position with both parties and send each family an invoice for the Registration Fee of $75.

Be clear on the arrangements to determine the hours of care required to facilitate the needs of both families. Nanny Share families should collaborate their parenting styles to assist the Nanny with providing continuity of care within the Nanny Share learning environment.

The Hourly Rate for Placements ranges from $25 to $30 an hour. The hourly rate for the Nanny is divided between the families using the service. This rate depends on your budget, the Nanny’s experience, the ages of the children and the requirements of the position.

All our Nannies have more than two years experience working within the profession and have qualifications in either Child Care, Teaching or Nursing. They value the importance of children’s safety, happiness and well-being.

When using our Agency, families can be confident that they will only be introduced to dedicated, local and screened Nannies who have had face-to-face interviews, are checked through the Commission of Children and Young People (Working with Children Check), hold current First Aid Qualifications and are personally interviewed and referenced checked by our Agency for their suitability to represent South Coast Nannies.

Individual Nanny Profiles will be sent via email. This is our way of introducing families and children to the Nanny’s qualifications, experience as a professional childcare worker and most importantly, a Photo to put a face to the name.

At this time, the $75 Registration fee is due.

Our Agency provides a unique approach to supporting individuals, families and organisations through the provision of quality care. We support families when engaging a Nanny; provide Nanny Interview Questions, Sample Contracts, Hints and Tips for their first day and other relevant information.

When you have made your selection from the Nanny Profiles, we will notify the Nanny directly and provide them with a description of the position and  your contact details to arrange an interview time convenient for all. As part of our ‘Confidentiality Policy’, the address details are not included in the brief to the Nanny as you may hold the first interview offsite and the second interview in your home with the children.

The Nanny you have selected will call to introduce herself, discuss the position and arrange an interview time.

Once the interview has taken place, our Agency will undertake a follow up call to all parties to determine how to proceed. If you would like to continue searching other candidates, we will clarify the requirements and begin another search.

There is a Placement Fee for In Home Services and placing a Permanent Nanny. The amount will depend on the days required and can be up to $150 per day. This is due in two installments, 75% prior to commencement and 25% on the 3 week anniversary.

A written and signed contract between the “Nanny” and each “Family” the “Employer” is required. This outlines the Terms and Conditions of the Permanent Nanny Share Placement. A signed copy of this Contract is to be provided to South Coast Nannies for record keeping purposes. This contract is simply what you honour to do by your Nanny and what she honours to do by you.

Our Nannies can attended extracurricular activities such as playgroups, trips to the park etc.

Our Nannies will follow set routines such as meals and rest/sleep requirements, indoor and outdoor play. Prepare nutritious meals and encourage positive meal time behaviours.

Our Nannies will ensure the environment which the child/ren play in, is free from harm and is safe, secure and nurturing. Provide stimulating and educational play, crafts and other activities.

Our Nannies will act as positive role models for the children, through their mature, sensible and professional manner. They ensure that their personal knowledge and training is kept up to date e.g. first aid and professional development.

Our Quality Checks

Our extensive screening process was created to ensure that every aspect is carefully checked and evaluated. Our Nannies have proven themselves through our Induction Process to be dedicated and experienced in home child care professionals. We understand the importance of finding a Nanny who you feel secure leaving your child/ren with. You can be assured that our Agency will only provide you with the best, mature, most suitably qualified, professional Nannies.

We share the importance and the responsibility for your children’s safety and happiness, and South Coast Nannies is committed to assisting you with finding the best person for this role.

The Important Details

Are you engaging a Nanny as an Employee or Independent Contractor ?

Nannies are engaged as either an ‘independent contractor‘ who run their own service and negotiate their own fees, or as an ’employee’ of the families. It depends on which arrangement you choose.

Families need to comply with the Australian Taxation Office, Fair Work and SafeWork guidelines. This is a standard and straight forward process, and in practice is not as difficult as it may seem. Read more on your obligations before engaging a Nanny into your home.

Family Registration Form

Each Family is required to complete our Family Registration Form. By completing this form, South Coast Nannies will gain a greater understanding of the type of person who would work well with and match your family. Our Family Registration Form will paint a picture of the position to send out as a Job Description to the Nannies registered with our Agency.