Wedding Services

For Wedding Couples and their guests in the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and Shoalhaven Regions.

A Wedding is such a special day to share with friends and family, and often this includes babies and young children.

Keeping children entertained can be difficult at the best of times, and with all the details needed to organise a Wedding it is easy to overlook the younger guests.

If you would like children to attend your Wedding but have concerns about how you will keep them happy, South Coast Nannies have reputable and professional expertise in Wedding Services for the Wedding Couple and guests.

We work with families and children in hotels or accommodation venues and at weddings, catering for a variety of ages and different group sizes.

Services offered

  • Activity Room
  • Activity Area
  • Activity Table
  • Floater Services
  • Wedding Couple Family Packages
  • Babysitting Services

Our Wedding Nannies can assist with the children at the Ceremony, entertaining the children during the Reception and provide supervision whilst your guests enjoy the celebrations. If guests decide not to take their children to the Wedding or Reception, South Coast Nannies provides Babysitters and Overnight Nannies at their accommodation venue.

We have personalised packages to suit the individual needs on the day and the Wedding Couples expectations of the children’s involvement in the day. What you require will depend on how many children are attending, their ages, as well as the activities you would like provided and the level of care you require.

Activity Room

Our Wedding Activity Room is ideal for children attending Weddings. If the venue can accommodate a room or area, we provide a fun and exciting kit of resources which include developmental and age appropriate experiences for all the children to engage with.

Our Wedding Nannies ensure that all the children receive their correct meals and drinks, supervise dinner, assist with toileting or nappy changes, bottles, and ensure that they are having a fabulous time.

Activity Room at Weddings - Wedding Activity rooms keep the children entertained, supervised and engaged at weddings

Activity Area

Most venues in the South Coast have vast properties and beautiful gardens for children to explore and have fun outside.

Our Outdoor Activities are ideal for the children especially after the Ceremony during the Canapes. Children need to release their energy after formalities and family time, and will love our selection of outdoor games and activities.

Activity Table

While the adults are sipping cocktails, giving toasts and catching up, we ensure that the children are busy with fun activities that make them feel included in the festivities, too.

Our Activity Table will entertain the children with activities during the Reception and more importantly keep the children entertained, happy, quiet and occupied (especially during speeches). Our Wedding Nannies will also ensure that all the children receive their correct meals, drinks and provide supervision during dinner.

Activity Table

Floater Services

Our Floaters Services at the Ceremony or the Reception, assists families with the care of their children. This is not a sole charge position, rather an extra pair of hands to keep an eye on the children, when the adult meals arrive or when it’s time for a dance.

Floater Nannies will supervise the children and ensure the children do not wander off whilst their parents are socialising. Children tend to get into mischief when their parents are distracted.

Floater Services are provided during the Ceremony, Canapes and at the Reception.

Wedding Family Package

Wedding Couple Family Package

More and more Families are the Wedding Couple on the day.

A Wedding Day is often a very excitable day and overstimulating with children out of their regular routines. The children are often unaware that the day is not focused around them, and that you as a parent need to have your time on the day. This is where the Nanny can provide you with assistance and support.

We can assist with your children and make this experience memorable for them as well as creating individual Child Care options for your family, before and on your Wedding Day.

Babysitting Services

Babysitting Services

If guests decide not to take their children to the wedding or reception, South Coast Nannies provides Babysitters or Share a Nanny options available at their accommodation venue.

We also provide individual families with the option to have their children participate in the celebrations and when it’s time for the children to return to their accommodation venue, a Babysitter can be arranged so that the adults can enjoy the remainder of the reception child-free.

Every Wedding is Unique !

Once we gather a few details from you in our ‘Request an Estimate’ form and have a chat, we can provide you with a personalised package to cater for all your needs.

Our Team

Our Wedding Nannies and their professional experience give the Wedding Couple and adult guests the ‘peace of mind’ to relax and enjoy the occasion, knowing that the children are supervised, safe and are having fun in the care of qualified, experienced, mature, and professional Nannies. This minimises the potential for disruption which children can create when they are tired or restless.

Our professional team of screened and experienced Wedding Nannies ensure that the children are happy and having a just as a good time as the adults!

Team Leaders coordinate the Nanny Team, providing effective and efficient leadership based on the Wedding Brief. This brief relates to: – setting up activities, signing in, before/during/after the event, meal preparation, pack down, quiet time, cleaning equipment and finishing procedures.

Our Nannies and Babysitters

Qualified in child care, teaching or nursing
Reference checked and personally interviewed
First Aid and CPR trained
Working with Children Checked
Covered by Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation
Mature, professional, experienced and fun!

Nanny to Child Ratio

The number of Nannies on each Wedding is dependent on the location, the number of children, their ages and the expectations of the children’s involvement by the Wedding Couple.

The service we provide ensures that our Wedding Nannies are safely matched to the number of children. This Ratio is a combination of legislative standards and our experience of providing high quality care.


We are very fortunate to receive such beautiful testimonials from our clients.

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Here are some helpful tips to allow you to make an informed decision.

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