In Home Services

Flexible care which supports families’ workforce participation and child care requirements inside the children’s own home environment.

We value the importance of matching appropriate Nannies with families for our In Home Services. We have the unique and fulfilling opportunity to be the facilitator of positive relationships between Nannies and families, and we take that role very seriously. Our Nannies are responsible for the most precious members of families — the children.

Families have flexibility of hours with care in your own home. For those times that you are late from work, or require additional time, your Nanny will be there to support you. If your child is ill, and require rest as part of their recovery, having care in your own home is the perfect medicine for them.

In Home Care South Coast Nannies

One-on-one interactions gives your child a more individualised and personal level of care than that typically experienced in child care centres with the current ratios. By providing child care in your own home, your children are more likely to more secure in their familiar environment.

In Home Care South Coast Nannies
In Home Care South Coast Nannies

Our Nannies can attended extracurricular activities such as playgroups, trips to the park etc.

Our Nannies will follow set routines such as meals and rest/sleep requirements, indoor and outdoor play. Prepare nutritious meals and encouraging positive meal time behaviours.

Our Nannies will ensure the environment which the child/ren play in, is free from harm and is safe, secure and nurturing. Provide stimulating and educational play, crafts and other activities.

Our Nannies will act as positive role model for the children, through their mature, sensible and professional manner. They ensure that their personal knowledge and training is kept up to date e.g. first aid and professional development.

If you have a friend or know someone who has a Nanny, why not look at Sharing a Nanny!

Share a Nanny with a local family and share one of our high quality, experienced nannies at a much more affordable rate. Nanny Share between two families can be a realistic and money-saving option worth considering.

Our Quality Checks

By using our Agency, families can be confident that they will only be introduced to dedicated, local and screened Nannies who have had face-to-face interviews, are checked through the Commission of Children and Young People (WWCC), have their current First Aid Qualification and are personally interviewed and referenced checked for their suitability to represent South Coast Nannies.

Our extensive screening process was created to ensure that every aspect is carefully checked and evaluated. Our Nannies have proven themselves through our Induction Process to be dedicated, experienced in home child care professionals. We understand the importance of finding a Nanny that you feel secure leaving your children with. You can be assured that we only provide you with the best, mature, most suitably qualified, professional Nannies.

We share the importance and the responsibility for your children’s safety and happiness, and South Coast Nannies is committed to assisting you with finding the best person for this role.

Our Process when Engaging Nanny

The Family Registration Form below provides us greater understanding of the In Home Service position and type of person which would work well with your family. We take pride in matching your family with the best Nanny to suit your child care needs. Once you have submitted our Family Registration Form our experienced consultant will contact you to discuss all aspects of finding, selecting and engaging a Nanny for you and your family.

So that we can proceed with your Nanny search, there is a non-refundable $75 Registration Fee. On payment of this fee, we will advertise your position and contact suitable candidates registered within our Agency. SCN will also outsource the position on a number of Job Sites for you and these applicants will be reference checked and inducted into our Agency (according to SCN Recruitment Policy) before being considered for the position.

Nannies are paid according to the Miscellaneous Award 2020 MA000104. The Hourly Rate for Placements can range from $25 to $35 an hour. This range is dependent on your budget, the Nanny’s experience, expectations of the position and the ages of the children and what Nannies will accept the position for.

All our Nannies have qualifications and have been professionally trained in either Child Care, Teaching or Nursing. All have more than two years of experience working within the Child Care profession with various children and families and they share the importance of children’s safety, happiness and well-being.

Individual Nanny Profiles will be sent via email. This is our way of introducing parents and children to the Nannies Child Care qualifications, experience as a professional childcare worker and most importantly, a Photo to put a face to the name.

South Coast Nannies provides support for families when engaging a Nanny, which includes:- Nanny Interview Questions, Sample Contracts, Hints and Tips for their first day and information on your legal obligations when engaging a Nanny as either an Employee or Independent Contractor.

The Nannies which you select to interview, will call you to introduce herself. This is an opportunity to discuss the position and arrange an interview time convenient to you both. Once the interview has taken place, we will undertake follow up correspondence to both parties to determine how you wish to proceed.

There is a once off Placement Fee for In Home Services and placing a Permanent Nanny. The amount will depend on the days required and can be up to $150 per day. This is due in two installments, 75% prior to commencement and 25% on the 3 week anniversary.

The Important Details

Are you engaging a Nanny as an Employee or Independent Contractor ?

When engaging Nanny for In Home Services there are some obligations that need to be met to protect you, the family and our Nanny.

Nannies are engaged as either an ‘independent contractor’ who run their own service and negotiate their own fees or as an ’employee’ of the family. It depends on which arrangement works best for you.

You need to comply with the Australian Taxation Office, Fair Work and SafeWork guidelines. This is a standard and straight forward process, and in practice is not as difficult as it may seem. Read more on your obligations before engaging a Nanny into your home.

How do Parents Verify Working with Children Checks ?

If you hire a sole trader to work with your children, you may need to verify their Working with Children Check details to make sure they’re cleared to work with children. Sole traders include people like nannies, tutors and coaches who do not belong to a larger organisation.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to check the Check online.

Need help or advice? Visit the Office of the Children’s Guardian website.

Family Registration Form

It is important for us to understand what you expect your Nanny to be like, in terms of experience, age, qualification, personality and the type of person which would work well and match best with your family. Our Family Registration Form will paint a picture of the position to send out as a Job Description to the Nannies registered with our Agency.