Event Care

Tailored child care solutions for our Corporate Partners.

Child care services for Events Big and Small

We take the Child Care equation out of events through the provision of our specialised, high quality, individualised and flexible child care options. We offer on-site professional Child Care Services for all events, big and small, and adapt to the environment which we are working in (eg. boardroom, conference area, hall), creating a creche-style Activity Room for all children.

We facilitate quality care for children during conventions, expos, business functions and conferences – ideal for businesses who invite the participant’s family.

South Coast Nannies is an established and preferred provider for many function centres, hotels and event organisers requiring Corporate Care.

For Events and their guests in the Southern Highlands, Illawarra and Shoalhaven Regions.

An Activity Room is Ideal !

If the venue can accommodate a room or area, we provide a kit of resources including developmental and age appropriate experiences for all the children to engage with (drawing and craft, toddler toys, books, board games, puzzles and quiet time activities).

South Coast Nannies will liaise directly with your event or venue Manager/Coordinator with regard to the play area and set it up to ensure it meets our requirements. For functions and events, we visit the site and undertake a risk assessment of the room/space to be used for childcare. We then confirm the details of the service to be delivered and formulate a ‘run sheet’ for the day, so that the Nannies can guide the children and families with the timings of the day.

Tailored to the needs of each individual client and situation

Whether you are organising a business conference, company meeting or function, we provide the appropriate and necessary number of Nannies based on the ages and requirements of the children.

When taking a booking, we ask about the client’s needs and expectations, the children individual requirements, and the venue where the service will be delivered.

Our Nannies and Babysitters keep the children supervised, entertained and engaged in play while their parents participate in and experience the event. Employees feel better supported and appreciated when their childcare responsibilities are acknowledged.

Professional Team

Our Nannies keep the children supervised, entertained and engaged in play throughout the time they are in our care. Team Leaders coordinate their Nanny Team, providing effective and efficient leadership based on the Event Brief. This brief relates to the event itself: – setting up activities, signing in, before before/during/after the event, meal preparation, pack down, quiet time, cleaning equipment and finishing procedures.

Our Nannies ensure that all the children receive their correct meals and drinks, supervise meals, assist with toileting or nappy changes, bottles, and ensure that they are having a fabulous time.

The service we provide ensures that our Nannies are safely matched to the number of children. This Ratio is a combination of legislative standards and our experience of providing high quality care.

Every Event is Unique !

We personalise our services to suit the individual needs of the family and the level of assistance required.

Once we gather a few details from you in our ‘Request an Estimate’ form and discuss your requirements, we can provide you with a personalised package to cater for all your needs.