Terrara house

South Coast Nannies has had the pleasure of assisting with the care of children for many wedding celebrations, events and family holidays since 2010.

We take the child care equation out of events through the provision of our specialised, high quality, individualised and flexible child care options.

Every Event is Unique !

We can cater for all your child care needs whether you are having an intimate celebration, getaway or you are so lucky to choose Terrara House for your Wedding Day. We embrace the opportunity to work with talented and creative teams of suppliers at this unique and beautiful venue.

We deliver ‘peace of mind’ to parents so that they can relax and enjoy the occasion knowing that the children are in the care of qualified, experienced and professional Nannies.

Keeping the little ones happy

Deciding whether to invite children to your wedding is one of the most difficult decisions! We support the wedding couple’s vision, personal preferences and expectation of the children’s involvement on the day.

Our Wedding Nannies can assist with the children at the Ceremony, entertaining the children during the Reception and provide supervision whilst your guests enjoy the celebrations. If guests decide not to take their children to the Wedding or Reception, South Coast Nannies provides Babysitters and Overnight Nannies at their accommodation venue.

Keeping children entertained can be difficult at the best of times, this is where our Nannies provide assistance and support and make this experience memorable for them as well as creating individual child care options for the family.

Our Nannies have extensive knowledge of the Terrara House and its sizable estate. Nannies can take a group of children for a walk to view and explore the property it is the perfect place for children to have fun outside and explore the magical grounds – manicured gardens, hedged mazes, tennis court, herb gardens and century old trees as well as being home to Scottish Highland cows, guinea fowl and chickens – there is a new experience at every turn of the property with so much to explore and discover.

If you would like the ‘little people’ to attend an event or wedding at Terrara House but have concerns about how you will keep them happy, South Coast Nannies have professional expertise in Wedding Services.

The Main House

Accommodating up to 20 guests, Terrara House boasts 23 rooms for sleeping and entertaining making it also perfect for family and group gatherings, holidays and milestone events.

Terrara House
Terrara House

The Stables

The Stables Accommodation is two open planned and self-contained units only a short walk from the Reception. The stables is perfect for caring for larger groups of children at Terrara.

Terrara_House_The_Stables (2)
Terrara_House_The_Stables (1)
Terrara_House_The_Stables (3)

Our Nanny Services for Terrara House

Activity Area Services

Terrara_House_Activity_Area (2)

Our Activity Area Services are ideal at Terrara House.

Our Indoor and Outdoor Activity Areas are a safe, convenient and fun child care option for children. If children not seated at the wedding reception setting up an Activity Room for the children can be a more affordable option for the wedding couple.

We create a children’s area at the Main House or in the Stables accommodation area full of toys, play equipment, and creative activities, keeping them busy and entertained. Personalised for the children attending, we provide a fun and exciting kit of resources which include developmental and age appropriate experiences for all the children to engage with (drawing and craft, toddler toys, books, board games, puzzles and quiet time activities).

Children’s Meals are served by the Nannies and they supervise dinner and ensure that all the children receive their correct meals and drinks while having a fabulous time. We can facilitate the needs of sleepy children in , with the provision of mattresses and fresh linen in the rooms. From our experience children under the age of 5 do not last the whole night and will require a place to watch a movie and fall asleep.

If the children are welcome to re-join the festivities, our Nannies will co-ordinate the children to return to the reception and provide supervision.

Our Outdoor Activities are ideal for the children especially after the Ceremony during the Canapes. Children need to release their energy after formalities and family time and will love our selection of age appropriate outdoor games and activities.

Activity Table Services

Activity Table

For Children seated at the Reception.

Our Children’s Activity Tables can entertain the children when speeches are on and more importantly keep the children entertained, happy, quiet and occupied.

Our Nannies ensure that all the children receive their correct meals and drinks, supervise dinner. This minimises the potential for disruption which children can create when they are restless or tired.

Activity table services usually finish once the dancing begins and our Nannies will continue to supervise and engage the children through the night.

Wedding Couple Family Package

Wedding Family Package

More and more Families are the Wedding Couple on the day.

A Wedding Day is often a very excitable day and overstimulating with children out of their regular routines. The children are often unaware that the day is not focused around them, and that you as a parent need to have your time on the day. This is where the Nanny can provide you with assistance and support.

We can assist with your children and make this experience memorable for them as well as creating individual Child Care options for your family, before and on your Wedding Day.

Floater Services

So that parents can relax, our Floaters Services at the Ceremony or the Reception, assists families with the care of their children. This is not a sole charge position, rather an extra pair of hands to keep an eye on the children, when the adult meals arrive or when it’s time for a dance.

Floater Services are provided during the Ceremony, Canapes and at the Reception.

Babysitting Services


Our Babysitters step-in where you leave-off, providing nurturing care, support and kindness

Should your guests decide not to take their children to the wedding or reception and enjoy a child-free night, we can provide Babysitter Service offsite at their accommodation venue.

We also provide individual families with the option to have their children participate in the celebrations and when it’s time for the children to return to their accommodation venue, a Babysitter can be arranged so that the adults can enjoy the remainder of the reception child-free.

Every Wedding is Unique !

With knowledge and experience, we tailor a package to suit the wedding couple, guests and families attending.